C12 Quantum Electronics

C12 develops reliable quantum processors, to speed up highly complex computing tasks of industrial players.

IaaS & PaaS


Octave Klaba, founder of OVHcloud, the European cloud leader with a global footprint, wished to leverage his entrepreneurial skills for the better good. He created Jezby Ventures to support those whose mission is to rethink our future and bring to life actions that have broader meaning.

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api.video is building the first video PaaS, which allows developers to add video workflow in their app with just a few lines of code.

IaaS & PaaS

Les déterminés

Les Déterminés is a free 6-month support program for all those who wish to start an entrepreneurial career coming from working-class neighbourhoods and rural areas.

Digital Training


PURPLE SCHOOL by SIMPLON is an SAS for preparation and training in the field of cybersecurity. Accessible without any diploma requirement. Open to all and in particular to women, people with disabilities and those undergoing retraining.

Digital Training


Jezby Ventures supports disruptive initiatives in 5 main areas:

  • A portal of integrated, sovereign Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) tools for company-wide collaboration

  • Technological innovations in cloud infrastructures and platforms (IaaS and PaaS)

  • Digital training that fosters all types of inclusion and diversity and aims at helping those in need to get them back to employment


By bringing companies together with employment and integration specialists, the Z association is developing a new training model that redistributes job opportunities. It uses companies' need for web developers as a springboard for the social and economic inclusion of young people in the city's priority neighborhoods.

Digital Training

Code First Girls

Code First Girls is an award-winning social enterprise that provides free coding education to women to fix the gender divide in tech. By the end of 2021, they aim to teach over 40,000 women to code.

Digital Training

  • Renewable energy infrastructure based on technologies from European industries

  • Industrialisation of music production aimed at developing new talents

The common theme of these 5 axes of digital transformation is to put people at the heart of all issues, and to believe in their ability to reinvent themselves and contribute to a better future.

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An ambitious video game and artificial intelligence to learn everything from math to poetry.



Empowering people through an alternative and accessible Silicon-Valley grade education. Boosting the offer of talented software engineers to local recruiters.


Rocket School

Rocket School is a free business and marketing school recruitment is based on personality, not on diplomas.

Digital Training


Online file storage in a personal and secure space.



Innovate permanently, manufacture locally and operate serenely. This is Poweend's objective to build its wind turbines and contribute to the production of renewable energy.

Renewable Energy


Jezby Ventures’ key differentiator is an ecosystem approach of exchange, sharing and mutual support, to create a collective entrepreneurial dynamic.

The structural independence of Jezby Ventures guarantees real speed and agility in the support of innovative projects and eclectic entrepreneurs who act in the public interest.

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